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Danube ASHRAE Meeting
Belgrade (Serbia), 1 December 2005

    Within the 36th Congress on Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning, the 8th meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter was held. The meeting was attended by ASHRAE members Serbia and Montenegro, Romania and Macedonia, as well as by several interested persons - hopefully future members of the ASHRAE and students. We would like to remind our readers that the ASHRAE Danube Chapter (ADC) was established in April 2005, at the meeting in Timisoara, after the preparations that had lasted more than a year.

    The meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter (ADC) was opened by Mr. Branko Todorovic, who greeted the participants as the host of the meeting, while the meeting was conducted by Mr. Florea Chiriac (Romania), ADC President. The report of the ADC activities was submitted by Mr. Ioan Dobosi, ADC Secretary:    

  • ASHRAE Danube Chapter includes ASHRAE members from Serbia and Montenegro, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania and Albania, with 120 active members (out of 151 members as of April 2005);

  • After the establishment of ADC on 8th April 2005, seven meetings were held in Romania;

  • ADC delegation took part in the activities of the ASHRAE Regional Conference that was held in Athens in September 2005, which was attended by the delegations of 14 ASHRAE Chapters from Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.
  •     ADC President, Mr. Chiriac, talked about the objectives that should be accomplished through the Chapter's activities, such as:
       - development of multinational cooperation of the Chapter members;
       - involvement of prominent HVAC&R experts from the member countries;
       - exchange of information and papers between professional journals;
       - students promotion and participation in ADC activities;
       - organization of meetings, professional seminars and similar events;
       - participation in ASHRAE research programmes;
       - enhancement of cooperation between universities, including professor and student exchange, etc

        Mrs. Marija Todorovic, the Chair of the ADC Technology Transfer Committee, talked about a necessity to involve ADC members in ASHRAE programmes on efficient energy use, climate change, substances that deplete the ozone layer, new refrigerants, etc

        Mr. Ciconkov (Macedonia) informed the participants on the use of ammonia as an environment-friendly refrigerant and the conference of IIR held thereon in Ohrid in May 2005.

        Budapest was proposed as a place of the following ADC meeting, while Timisoara was proposed for April 2006

        The participants were photographed and, as proposed by Živojin Perišic, ADC hymn was presented - a theme from the waltz "The Blue Danube" (An der shönen blauen Donau) by Johann Strauss II.


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