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Danube ASHRAE Meeting
Belgrade (Serbia), 7 December 2007

    Within the 38th congress on heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning, a meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter was held on 7th December 2007. In addition to ASHRAE members from Romania, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, the meeting was attended by numerous ASHRAE members - the congress participants from other countries.

    Considering a positive experience from the last year's meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter (ADC) in Belgrade, it was planned that this time ASHRAE members present their papers at the ADC meeting. As a result, this ADC meeting was attended by more than 60 congress participants, even though this was the last meeting at the congress.

    The ADC President, Mr. Retezan (Romania), as the Chairman, noticed that, in addition to the English language, another language (Serbian) has been used in the activities of ASHRAE chapters - which is new in ASHRAE practice. This was possible owing to the fact that the entire course of the meeting was simultaneously translated into English and into Serbian.

    Five interesting papers were presented and then the activities took place according to the ADC meeting agenda.

    Dr Ioan Dobosi from Romania talked about the implementation of EPBD directives for quality assessment of construction buildings and more efficient energy use in Romania.

    A very interesting paper was the one by B. Pavkovic and a group of authors from the Technical Faculty of the University of Rijeka (Croatia) titled "Optimization of heat pump systems using low temperature surface waters as a heat source" dealing with the experience in the application of heat pump systems to operations using sea water. Furthermore, the experiences regarding a building in Tuapsa resort (Russia) of 17 MW and other commercial systems were presented.

    Olivera Ecim from the Belgrade Faculty of Agriculture talked on "Predictions and analysis of the greenhouse heat load dynamics within a pilot project of using geothermal energy in Debrc".

    Two papers included the presentations of laboratories in Ljubljana and Bucharest. Erik Pavlovic talked about the Institute HIDRIA Klima comprising 14 different research laboratories. This Institute in Ljubljana was constructed with the funds Slovenia obtained from the European Union for specific purposes.
    Florea Chiriac from the Technical University of Bucharest (Romania) presented their thermal laboratory for heat exchanger testing.

    The programme of the meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter included the Secretary's report on the Chapter's activities and cooperation with REHVA, and this report was submitted by the ADC Secretary, Mr. Ioan Dobosi (Romania). Mrs. Marija Todorovic, the present Vice-President of the ASHRAE Region "B" comprising the European countries (excluding the U.K.) and the Near and Middle East countries, talked about the activities in ASHRAE and Student Activity Committee.

    The Chapter's President, Mr. Adrean Retezan spoke about the future activities of ADC. The priority goals of ADC include further development of multinational cooperation and HVAC&R information exchange through organization of professional seminars and similar events, expert exchange between scientific and academic institutions, including student exchange, participation in ASHRAE research programmes, including technology transfer from these regions to other regions of the world, as well as promotion of students participation in ADC activities.

    The next meeting of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter will be held in Timisoara, in April 2008

    For your information:
At the election conference of the ASHRAE Danube Chapter held in Timisoara on 30th March 2007, the following persons were elected according to the ASHRAE bylaws:
- President for 2007/2008 - Mr. Adrean Retezan (Romania),
- President Elect for the following term - Mr. Živojin Perišic (Serbia),
- Vice-President - Mr. Robert Gavriliuk (Romania),
- Secretary - Mr. Joan Dobosi (Romania),
- Treasurer - Prof. Bratislav Blagojevic (Serbia),
- members of the Board of Directors: Marija Todorovic (Serbia), Zoltan Magyar and Laszlo Banhidi (Hungary) and Graţiela Ţârlea (Romania).
National Secretaries - Ştefan Dună for Romania and Olivera Ecim for Serbia.

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