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ASHRAE Region At Large (RAL) - Annual Regional Conference (ARC)
25 - 27 September Atena 2005

   In September in Athens was the Annual Regional Conference of Ashrae Region At Large. The delegation of Danube Ashrae Chapter was formed by Prof. Dr. Ing. Florea Chiriac, Ing. Ioan Silviu Dobosi and Prof. Dr. Ing. Robert Gavriliuc. It was the first meeting in this way, watching the fact that Danube Ashrae Chapter was founded this year in 8 april in Timisoara.

   What is Region At Large? The Region At Large was fully implemented at the beginning in July 2002 under a plan approved by the Ashrae Board of Directors. RAL has three sub-regions:
Sub-region A - Middle East, India and Africa
Chair: Prof. Walid Chakroun
Sub-region B - Europe, Scandinavia
Chair: Dr. Constantinos A. Balaras
Sub-region C- England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
Chair: Prof. Dennis Loveday

   In the three sub-regions are 14 Chapters:
Sub-region A (Middle East, India and Africa)
- Cairo Chapter, Cairo, Egypt
- Emirates Falcon, Dubai, UAE
- India Chapter, New Delhi, India
- Kuwait Chapter, Kuwait City, Kuwait
- Lebanese Chapter, Beirut, Lebanon
- Northern Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan
- Pakistan Chapter, Karachi, Pakistan
- Saudi Arabia Chapter, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
- South India Chapter, Bangalore, India
- Sri Lankan Chapter,Colombo, Sri Lanka
- Western India Chapter, Ahmendabad,India
Sub-region B (Europe, Scandinavia)
- Danube Chapter ( Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Hertegovina, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Romania, Serbia,
- Helenic Chapter, Athens, Greece
- Portuguesse Chapter, Lisbon, Portugal

   The goal RAL is to assure the structure wich every member Ashrae can be represented in the superior ierarhy in a way like every initiative is promoted, debated and approved.
The program ARC Athens 2005 was started with a Scientific Session in 25 september. The president of the opening was Prof. Florea Chiriac. Prof. Branislav Todorovici was distinguished lecturers at this session with the subject: -Building Envelope as the Main Factor on Energy Needs and Prof. Robert Gavriliuc had a presentation watching The promote of heating pulms in Romania.

   The days of 26 and 27 september were consacrated to the debates watching the organisatoric structure of RAL. The works were presided by Lee Burgett, The President Ashrae 2005-2006, Ronald E. Jarnagin Vicepresident Ashrae 2005-2006, Jeff H. Littelton Secretary and Vicepresident Executive of Ashrae 2004, Samir Traboulsi President of RAL, Moustafa Elsayed Member of the Nominated Comitee.

   Was nominated for the Board Ashrae that will be elected in June 2006: President- Terry E. Townsend, President Choose- Kent W. Peterson, Treasurer- Ronald E. Jarnagin, Vicepresident- Thomas H. Phoenix. There were nominated the directors for RAL 2006 and the members for the Standard Comitee: Prof. Peter Novak(Slovenia) and for the Technical Comitee Prof Maria Todorovici.

    Every chapter of RAL presented a report of the activity in the last year. There were discus subjects watching the Membership Promotion, Chapter Technology, Transfer Committee and Student Activities.
From the report presented by Danube Ashrae Chapter we can know that:
- the number of the members: 115
- the number of the students: 25
- there were organised 6 meetings from april to june at the Conferences in Timisoara, Cluj, Craiova, Brasov, Galati and Iasi.
The next conferences are in Sinaia in October and in Belgrad in December.

   The goals of Danube Ashrae Chapter are:
- to develop the chapter in a multi-national
- to attract many experts in HVAC from the member countries
- the change of information and articles in the speciality magazines
- to promote and to motivate the participation of students in speciality HVAC activities
- to organise meetings of the members ASHRAE at the National and International Conferences
- to take part in the researching competitions nationals and internationals
- to organise a system to collaborate between Universities of speciality, to change the informations, the teachers and students

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