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Danube ASHRAE Meeting
Timisoara (Romania), 18 April 2008
1. President's introductory speech
2. Lecture "Thermal energy storage systems" presented by Distinguished Lecturer Mr. Verle A. Williams, P.E., CEM
3. Activity report and planned future activities, discussions
4. Elections for the board of governors and committees
Minutes of proceeding
In the Danube Chapter Meeting from Sinaia 18 April 2008 the following actions took place:
1. Mr. Adrian Retezan, the President of Danube Ashrae Chapter, read the introductory speech
2. The Distigiushed lecturer Mr. Verle Williams P.E, CEM presented the lecture "Thermal energy storage systems"
3. Mr. Retezan Adrian read a report of activity on 2007 year and there were planned future activities. All these were followed by discussions and questions addressed to Mr. Verle Williams
4. Elections for the board of governments and commitees took place as the next step
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