Danube Chapter   

The Danube Chapter held its chartering ceremony on April 8, 2005 and it is now the second ASHRAE chapter in Sub Region B.

ASHRAE President Ron Vallort and SR(B) Chair Costas Balaras were present at the event. The headquarters of the Danube Chapter will be at the University of Timisoara, Romania. Currently, there are 51 members from Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Hungary, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, and Slovenia.

The proposed Board of Governors will be composed of:
  • President - Florea Chiriac (Romania)

  • President Elect - Adrian Retezan (Romania)

  • Vice President - Živojin Perišic (Serbia & Montenegro)

  • Secretary - Ioan Silviu Doboşi (Romania)

  • Assist. Secretary - Robert Gavriliuc (Romania)

  • Treasurer - Ştefan Dună (Romania)

  • Members - Laszlo Banhidi (Hungary),

                   - Graţiela Ţârlea (Romania),

                   - Bratislav Blagojevic (Serbia & Montenegro)

    For more information on future activities or how to get involved, please contact:

Name Phone no. E-mail
Prof. Florea Chiriac +4 0213 156283 fchiriac@eits.mediasat.ro
Ioan Silviu Doboşi +4 0256 200368 office@dosetimpex.ro