American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, And Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.
2006 Senior Undergrated Project Program

   The ASHRAE Senior Undergrated Project Grant Program provides grants to engineering, tehnical and arhitecural schools worldwide with the goal of increasing student knowledge, learning and awareness of the HVAC&R industry through the design and construction of senior projects. Grants are to be used to found equipment and supplies for engineering or arhitectural senior projects and 2-year technical school projects that focus on ASHRAE-realted topics. Grants may cover projects lasting from one academic term up to one year.

   Projects involving the building of working models, testing equipment, experimental teaching aids, and laboratory experiments are encouraged. Projects only involving data collection, computer modeling or computer software if utilized in conjunction with the above listed projects is acceptable. When the projects is complete, the student of group of students will submit a final report to ASHRAE. Additionally, full-year projects will require a mid-year progress report.

   The grant application must be submitted by the faculty member(s) responsible for the project. The application may be made from any engineering, arhitecture, or engineering technology department; however, the project must involve an ASHRA-realted topic. The faculty member(s) and student(s) responsible for the project are NOT required to be members of ASHRAE. The grant is made to the university/college solely for the support of the materials required for the project in an amount not to exceed $5,000(U.S.). University overhead and faculty or student salaries will not be founded Founding from other sources is acceptable, but not required.

   The faculty advisor(s) will submit the application to ASHRAE on behalf of the student or group of students who are responsible for completing the project. To be considered, ALL questions must be answered on the electroni application, Including a complete project description and a Fund Expenditures form (see page 3)

   Please either click the electronic application or visit the ASHRAE Student Zone website in the Scolarships, Grants & Design Competition section to view the application. Please select the "save as" option, complete the application on your computer, and then return to in Microsoft Word format. Applications will only be accepted in this format! The electronic submission must be received at ASHRAE Headquarters by December 1, 2005. Late or incomplete entries will not be accepted

   Evaluation Process
   Applications will be evaluated based upon:
      1. ASHRAE related topics (20%);
      2. Adherence to guildelines (20%);
      3. Quality of the student experience (20%);
      4. Number of the students paricipating (20%);
      5. Appropriateness of founding request(20%);

   Project titles from last year's successful applicants are available for the viewing on the ASHRAE Studend Zone website under Grants.

   Applicants will receive notification of their application's status by March 1, 2006 . An unaccepted project proposal may be revisted and re-submitted for the following years. Founds will be available to the grant recipents on or after JULY 31, 2006 (if your project won't begin until after fall semester, you may recive your funds at a later date). Any funded project not completed (as indicated by non-receipt of mid-year progress or final report) will result in the removal of the school from consideration for additional grants.

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